Hi, my name is Lauren. I am a very passionate pet owner to my clan or (the zoo) as I lovingly call them.  I'm a transplant from Seattle and I've lived in LA for 3 years and am loving the sunshine!

While living in Seattle my husband and I owned and operated WOOF! Seattle which was the premier dog walking and pet sitting service in the area.  In 3 years, we worked with over 300 clients! While working with clients I found that a lot of dog owners have questions and want trusted resources.

Throughout my time as a fur baby parent I realized how important having trusted resources which is why I'm creating WOOF! Republic.  I want this to be a resource and a fun site for pet lovers.

I also do pet photography, and over time I've noticed as compared to other pet photographers, I feel that I really capture the personality of my four legged subject. 

My muse is Pixie, I adopted her when she was four years old. She is my first dog and brings a smile to my face that is unlike anything I've ever experienced.