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Not all Dog Rescues are Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue! Supporting and helping Low-riders

The Queen herself loves corgis. Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue has put a lot of emphasis on rehabilitating corgis and other “lowriders” medically and managing their behaviors through training.  This rehabilitation is so important while getting to know their needs and quirks in order to find them the right home. Another differentiator of QBSDR is the fact that their dogs are in foster homes. 

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Finley’s Barkery Empowers The Community

Finely’s Barkery is a Minneapolis based dog treat company founded in 2016 by Angie Gamades and Kyle Gallus. Angie and Kyle, both special education teachers, realized that there was a systematic issue in their community: those with intellectual disabilities struggle to find stable employment. Angie explained, “When I taught at the high school level, I developed a work skills class where my students made dog treats to sell to staff in the district. They needed to one day hold a job to be a contributing part of the community. A couple former students reached out to me years after they graduated and had attended my class and said that they would like to bake again.”

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