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Dog Beach Style! The Things You Need To Know With Summer Heating Up

Dog Beach Style! The Things You Need To Know With Summer Heating Up

Summer is the most amazing time to take your dog to the beach!!  Remember to check whether the beach you are planning to visit is dog-friendly! This is extremely important as you don't want to risk an expensive ticket.

Pixie and I are heading to Huntington Dog Beach every weekend it seems because in LA it is ocean or bust for swimming.  

I like to hang out at the beach for a while and sit while Pixie is playing so I need to arrive equipped with beach towels, and obviously, arrive in style.  This is how I discovered Growl Towels, a really fun brand from Australia.  And let's be honest, I always trust Australians with matters of anything beach related!!  Let's be real, instead of having those old beach towels for your dog, why not celebrate your time together stylishly.

Growl Towels really wanted to combine form, fashion, and function when they created their beach towels!  The towels are 100% cotton and are quick drying.  Some of their towels feature dual purpose function including two distinct sides of the towel. The patterned side is a silky velour finish to lay on - it is soft and comfortable.  The other side is specially designed for drying yourself or your dog off with its absorbent cotton fibers.

When you purchase a Growl Towel, money is donated to shelters and local animal welfare organizations.  

My favorite design is: Loyal to the Bone!! I'm obsessed with the black fringe and frankly, it is cheaper than any beach towel I own. I'm also obsessed with their Beach Bag, which allows me to be a stylish and classy dog obsessed person.

GROWL TOWELS is currently running a sale, check it out and Stock up for Summer!!

Growl Towels website

Some of their other designs include: 


More about the Growl Towels company:

Growl Towels founder Roselys Blaich, is committed to building greater awareness and support of worthy animal welfare groups through the sale of her products. Roselys explains “Growl Towels commitment is to educate people that dogs not only need basic care but deserve to be understood better and treated with dignity, respect and love”

Growl Towels is based in Noosa Australia which is a highly acclaimed global tourist destination in Australia. We have used the wonderful hues of our environment in our range it includes the delightful colors of summer to create a feel good range of beautiful stylish 100% cotton towels.

They chose the name Growl Towels as a Dog's growl is a form of communication and can mean a number of things, expressions of pleasure through play and as a warning when needed. Our ethos and motto is: “We say it through our GROWLS” as our towels are designed to educate others on the importance of animal welfare and care. I hope you enjoy our fun and functional collection.

As a kid, Roselys was the “official dog washer/groomer” for the family dogs.  Her family would bail and she would be left responsible for this chore.  Even when young, she realized that cleaning your dog shouldn’t be a chore is what Roselys realized and using an old dirty towel enforces that this incredibly essential task of keeping your dog clean which is essential for their general health and wellness.

Here is Roselys with her 2 pups: Snoopy & Spike



Enjoy the sun


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