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The Dog Toy Company That Really Won the 2016 Election

The Dog Toy Company That Really Won the 2016 Election

No matter what side of the fence you are on, America needs a laugh, especially today before the media circus of the inauguration tomorrow.  The votes are tallied and we need to come together as a country.  My opinion, let’s come together for a laugh. 

Our pet’s can help us in this endeavor!  The laugh and pure entertainment comes from Fuzzu’s hilarious line of Presidential Parody Pet Toys.  Pixie has multiple of these toys, Trump is her favorite, she loves the hair.

How Fuzzu’s line of Presidential Parody pet toys  came to life is an interesting story!

Fuzzu Toys is a pet toy company based out of Vermont, they are experts in pet toys and set out to create a line that would be related to the election.

Fuzzu created a campaign and used the power of Crowdfunding to get the word out about their Presidential Toys.  They created a Kickstarter campaign which raised more than $18k.  If you donated you got the toys based off of your level of donation.  The Kickstarter campaign was brilliant because it had levels from Secret Service to the Super PAC.

These toys were one of my favorite parts of the election.  Let’s be honest, there were few things I did enjoy about the election process.  Fuzzu is an incredibly innovative pet toy company that created The Presidential Parody pet toy series featuring Bernie, Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton. 

These toys were featured in 3 sizes and are so much fun!


I spoke with Sarah-Lee who drew the caricature of each of these and she said that it took quite a while, then one day she sat down with one cup of coffee and drew all 3 in the course of a couple of hours.

Each of the toys have elements which make me laugh!  Bernie with the hair and the glasses (it actually looks like Bernie), Trump with that famous orange hair and skin, and Hillary with the “Turn the Smile On” light switch.”

I wish more companies were creating intellectual, hilarious and high quality pet toys like these and I’m so glad that Fuzzu entertained me throughout the course of the entire Road to the White House.  Those were very long months!! It was great to see pups getting political in the best way possible.  Sarah-Lee and I discussed that because these were pet toys that entertained by seeing dogs tearing at Trump or Hillary and posting that on social media as an indication of how they felt about the current state of affairs.

It is interesting that as our pets become our kids, that we can show our allegiance and opinions without posting a long rant on Social Media, but rather just post a photo of your dog sitting on one of these politicians faces.

Buy Hillary Fuzzu toy here

Buy Trump Fuzzu toy here

Buy Bernie Fuzzu toy here

Here are some photos, of Fuzzu Pet Toys in action

Fuzzu has just released a hilarious Putin toy, for purchase here

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