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SoCal Corgi Beach Day - April 7, 2018 Recap

SoCal Corgi Beach Day - April 7, 2018 Recap

Corgi Beach Day is the greatest day of the year!!  On April 7th over 1,000 corgis came to Huntington Beach to enjoy the festivities.  The event includes competitions such as the Cutest Cardigan, Corgi Limbo Contest, Best MOMO (Aka Best Corgi Butt), Squats with Apollo, Best Tiki Costume, Best Costume, Pie Eating Contest, meet and greets with InstaCorgis, Photo-booths and just corgi galore! 

Cutest Cardigan Contest was taken by Torch an incredible 16 year old.  The semi-finals came down to Puppy vs. Old Timer and Torch took it away!!! 

Tiki Costume Contest was a crowd favorite with tiki bars, dancing tiki masks, Lilo and Stitch, sunflowers, and a Dole Pineapple Whip. The corgflowers aka sunflowers took it away! The costumes and that level of commitment was epic!!

The Costume Contests of Corgi Beach Day are literally the main event!! The crowd goes nuts for the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into these costumes.  This year the battle royale came down to Democorgin from Stranger Things vs. Adorable Puppy Cowgirl!

The Limbo Contest this year went a nerve-wracking 5 rounds and became a competition became genealogy with Crouton, Jelly, Zira and Short-Stack Wiggly Butt!! Jelly has won a couple of times and so have her puppies, talk about a legendary blood line! If you have 30 minutes that you want to devote to pure corgdrenaline! I highly recommend the YouTube of the entire event here!

The Pie Eating Contest lasted approximately 40 seconds, that Corgi was overdue for lunch!

The infamous MOMO Contest included twerking corgis and was eventually taken away by the voluptuous Gustaf!! 

Here are some highlights from the events!!

Humans and corgis alike travel from all around for Corgi Beach Day.  I met Corgis that traveled from Phoenix, Vegas, and Northern California to be there.  Also got the chance to meet humans who traveled from all around including Australia!!! I'm guessing that the only reason that they were in the area was not simply for Corgi Beach Day but it does confirm the level of commitment.

The ultimate Instadog Marnie was in attendance at Corgi Beach Day!! Even Shitzus with 2 million followers want to be a corgi for a day!


Another great celeb sighting was Tan France from Netflix's Queer Eye's was spotted at Corgi Beach Day!!!

Tan France at Corgi Beach Day

The next dates for the upcoming Corgi Beach Days are: June 23🏖️October 27. Woof Republic will be taking over Facebook and Instagram on @socalcorgibeachday SoCal Corgi Beach day to bring you all of the fun!!

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