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Best Pet-Friendly Hotels: Aloft

Best Pet-Friendly Hotels: Aloft

When I’m traveling, I have been very particular in bringing Pixie lately.  Pet care is really pricey.  The last time that we did a trip from LA to Seattle we tried an Aloft hotel for the first time.  We stayed in Aloft which is a sister property to a W Hotel which means it has a very hip, trendy, social and edgy feel.  I was so impressed with their care of Pixie while we were there.  The service was exceptional!

Upon checkin, you receive an Aloft Dog Bed, a water bowl, a food bowl, poo bags and a bag full of treats.  Pixie was absolutely in heaven.  I was also very impressed that the concierge knew the best potty spots for Pixie to make it a easy as possible on us.

Pros of Aloft’s Pet Policy

-No fee at most Aloft hotels

-Providing dog bed, water and food bowls

-Free treats for your Fur Baby (Who doesn’t love that?)

-Great service and treatment of your Fur Baby

Two thumbs up from us!!

According to Starwood here is the description of Aloft’s pet policy:

Aloft is happy to welcome your dog, up to 40 pounds. Our pet-friendly arf (SM) program offers a special bed, bowl, and a doggie bag of woof-alicious treats and toys, all complimentary to use during your stay.  Please make sure they’re on their best behavior—we don’t want to charge you extra for housekeeping!

If you are staying at an Aloft hotel call ahead to confirm that hotel’s specific pet policy and guidelines.  

From these photos, these are some happy Fur Babies who like the hotel life! Room service please!

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