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Recap: SoCal Corgi Beach Day, July 2016

Recap: SoCal Corgi Beach Day, July 2016

Woof Republic had the pleasure of attending and taking photos for the organizers of the SoCal Corgi Beach Day event, which took place on July 2, 2016 at Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA.  

SoCal Corgi Beach Day was created in 2012 with a group of friends who got some Corgi's together and used basic event promoting tools such as Meetup and Facebook and it has grown to an event that gets national media attention.  Such a great story and such a great event.

SoCal Corgi Beach Day broke some records and ended up having over 1,000 Corgis in attendance.  All dogs were welcome but the highlight was seeing all of those Corgis takeover a beach and participate in competitive general adorableness.  The event organizers sell some of the cutest merchandise available, a Corgi Nation beach towel, a magnet for home, a Pawtastic Fourth of July shirt, you betcha its all available! Check out the corg-tastic merchandise here

There were several vendors in attendance with promotional booths, complete with free goodies and items for purchase.  Some of the key sponsors at the event were: Healthy Spot, Zippy Paws and Pet Net IO.  I was very impressed with Healthy Spot and their presence at this event.  They compiled some of the most awesome gift baskets I've seen for a while as prize packs for all of the contest winners.  Their booth had a great set up and each dog got a great bandana and a frisbee.  It was also great for me to meet Pet Net IO is a really awesome company creating Smart Feeders that connect with your Mobile phone.  No matter where you are, you can press a button and Fido still gets fed! It was also very exciting to see The Secret Life of Pets giving away adorable frisbees, tee-shirts, tennis balls, reusable totes. We are so excited to be seeing this movie at a premier on Thursday! Look for our blog and review on Friday!

The Competitive Events were (and yes it was more competitive than I expect Rio to be):

Check out event photos here

Talent Contest-This event has been more interesting in past Corgi Beach days.  Napoleon and Poppy the Corgi were by far the most interesting.  Napoleon was really talented where he could weave between his owner's legs, jump over sticks, and do jumps.  He was edged out by Poppy the Corgi who can sit on his owner's back while he does push ups and balance on tiny things like a dog statue and a column!  Incredible, check out the photos!

Limbo Contest-This contest ended up being between a Corgi and a Chihuahua mix.  It was pretty fun but Bodhi ended up the winner and got a smart feeder from Pet Net Io!

Costume Contest- So many cute costumes! My personal highlights were CorgWashington crossing the Delaware, CorgTrump.  I really think CorgTrump was my favorite of the day, the costume was complete with Flyaways and everything :)

Watermelon Eating Contest-This contest was pretty funny because most of the dogs did not get a hang out of this event at first! It was a licking contest to get through their half of a watermelon without limited human interaction. A couple of dogs really went to town and ate it all.

Momo Contest-The definition of a Momo is the following: Monochorionic-monoamniotic presentation of identical twins. Peach, a tree fruit (from "momo", romanization of the Japanese 桃, for peach) Momo (dumpling), a dumpling popular in Tibet, Nepal and India.  I felt like Sir Mix-A-Lot judging which Corgis had back. :)  The winner was an 18-year-old and like a fine wine that Momo had just improved with time.  

Momo Proposal-A couple was pulled out of the crowd to judge the Momo contest and he ended up getting down on his knee and proposing to his girlfriend who was OBSESSED with Corgis.  It was so sweet they had friends and families with them.  Such a great moment.

We are so looking forward to the next SoCal Corgi Beach Day Will be on October 29, 2016 at Huntington Dog Beach  

What was the most fun thing that you did with your pup this pawtriotic weekend?

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