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Best Dog Bed Duvets: Molly Mutts

Best Dog Bed Duvets: Molly Mutts

Molly Mutt beds are really unique because they are very durable Dog Bed Duvets in adorable fabrics that bring some style to your dog bed. These duvets can be washed and are made of very strong fabrics.

I also really love the versatility of all of Molly Mutt's designs.  They have more than 25+ different fabrics and this makes you feel like you get to pick something that matches your decor and your pup's personality.  

You can also get the dog bed monogrammed and personalized with your fur babies name.  With how much my cats steal Pixie's bed I don't know whose bed to call it haha :)

If you don't have a dog-bed that you want to put a duvet around, no problem Molly Mutt sells a great solution that is very sustainable and eco-friendly.  Do you have extra sheets, spare t-shirts, sweatshirts?  Simply fill the stuff sack and put the duvet around it.

The cost of the dog duvets are below:

Round Dog Bed Duvet Prices

Small-$19, Medium/Large-$45, Huge-$49.95

Rectangle Dog Bed Duvet Prices

Small-$25, Medium/Large-$35, Huge-$49.95

Molly Mutt also sells Accessories such as collars and leashes in adorable patterns.  You could get the matching set.  They also sell Crate Covers & Accessories that are great if you are crate training your pup.

Only negative feedback I would give to Molly Mutt is the Pillow Pack product, I bought it on sale and tried it but it never stayed in place, always fell off and Pixie didn't like it.  It could have been a Pixie thing but I think that the Pillow Pack needs to secure to the bottom duvet to securely stay in place.  I've had my Molly Mutt dog bed for over a year and a half.  It's been washed MANY times and it is still going strong!  Will buy again!

Check out their website at: http://www.mollymutt.com/

See some happy adorable pups with their Molly Mutts beds below, along with the ever-happy Pixie, haha. :)  She just took a multiple mile walk and wasn't ecstatic to be a model for me.

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