The pup that won the lottery - Lizzo adopts Poke while on tour in Madison

As if I needed another reason to love Lizzo, While she was on tour in Madison she adopted an adorable pup through Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin. The pup previously named Saba is now named Poke. The concert venue where she was performing The Sylvee shared the happy news of Lizzo’s adoption! What a great first family photo!

Pumpkin Spice has gone to the Pups - Top Pumpkin Spice Products for your Pup to enjoy FalL

Why do humans get to have all of the Pumpkin Spice fun? The pups want in on the fun!

There is nothing better than seeing the leaves change and the need to bring out cozy throw blankets. The line at Starbucks has suddenly become a lot longer with one acronym seen on those white cups - PSL.

Here are Woof Republic’s recommendations on the top pumpkin spice latte toys and products for man’s best friend / your 4 legged ride or die buddy.

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Interview with Emily Giambalvo - Writer at The Washington Post & Author of “Michael Vick’s dogs could have been euthanized. They became adoption ambassadors”

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Winston the White - Interview with Tina Kim – The Dog Mom & Momager of @WinstontheWhiteCorgi

Lauren Farricker chats with Tina Kim who is the Dog Mom and Momager (watch out Kris Jenner) to Winston the White Corgi. You can follow their adventures on social media @winstonthewhiteco

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FAITH THE SURFING PITBULl A Conversation with James the Dog Dad of @faithsurfs

In this episode of The Woof Life Show the podcast for dog lovers, Lauren Farricker chats with James who is the Dog Dad to Faith the Surfing Pitbull. You can follow their adventures on social media @faithsurfs.


This café has gone to the dogs - Featuring Logan Mikhly – Co Founder of Boris & Horton 

In this episode of The Woof Life Show the podcast for dog lovers, Lauren Farricker chats with Logan Mikhly the Co-Founder of Boris & Horton.  Boris & Horton is the first dog-friendly cafe in New York located in the East Village.

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Ivy the Very Determined Dog Featuring Maureen Harrington the Mom of Ivy and Co-Author of Ivy the Determined Dog

In this episode of The Woof Life Show the podcast for dog lovers, Lauren Farricker chats with Maureen Harrington the Mom of Ivy the Frenchie @ivy.the.frenchie. 

Ivy is a bundle of joy Frenchie whose life changed on her 3rd birthday. She was diagnosed with IVDD which caused her two back legs to become paralyzed. Ivy’s life changed quickly but as she got home and recovered Maureen noticed that Ivy wanted independence and still had a lot of fight left in her.

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Harrison Ford is Lost - The story of a lost dog in San Diego - A Conversation with Saige Hooker Mom to Harrison Ford and Babs Fry a Pet Recovery Specialist

In this episode of The Woof Life Show the podcast for dog lovers, Lauren Farricker chats with Saige Hooker the Mom of Harrison Ford and Babs Fry a Pet Recovery Specialist.

You are visiting relatives and head for a day out and leave your pup with your relatives. You receive a call 15 minutes later that your pup aptly named Harrison Ford has run off. You get back to the home a new and unfamiliar place and start frantically screaming and your pup is nowhere in sight.


How Flower Crowns Changed Pitbull Rescue – PT1

A Conversation with Sophie Gamand @sophiegamand Rescue Advocate & Artist - Author of Pitbull Flower Power & Wet Dog


The Collaboration that is everything - Bark's Collab with Glossier

As a huge BarkBox fan and a fan of the BarkShop, I could have not been more excited about this collaboration between BARK and Glossier. The thing I love most about everything that BARK does is the personality with which they design their products!

For fashionable pups and their owners this collaboration is the only thing you need!! It may not be the logical of collaborations because beauty and puppies don’t typically go together but we love how unexpected this is. This is why we love it soo much and the execution on the dog toys is fantastic!

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Pet Friendly - A Series promoting Adoption directed by Whitney Cummings

refinery29 partnered with VCA to create an incredibly heartwarming pet series that promotes adoption! The series was directed by the incredibly funny, talented and uber dog lover Whitney Cummings. It shows pet owners in 3 different situations that have been adopted. The story explores the awkward, hilarious, and heartwarming stories of rescued pets, their owners, and one charming VCA veterinarian.

Whitney Cummings is a huge supporter of adoption and I love the care that she brought to this series. She is a huge supporter of bully breeds and promoting adoption.

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I got the incredible opportunity to interview Zach Skow of Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue and the Pawsitive Change Program. Zach has one of the most interesting stories in dog rescue. Zach was a previous abuser of both drugs and alcohol for years. His body began to fail and he found himself in full-blown liver failure; he was told by doctors that he had to remain sober for 6 months in order to qualify for a transplant. The mutts of his life provided the life-changing catalyst that caused Zach to want to get sober. While at his lowest point his pups looked at him with all of the admiration in the world.

His body healed and as Zach focused on getting sober he began to take his pups for long walks and hikes, they also began to add more to their pack and Marley’s Mutts was born. Marley named after his incredible Rottweiler who was the pup that everyone looked up to and people loved.

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Help Merryweather find a forever home Featuring Larissa Wohl, Lindsay Bird and Ellen Ballon Dante

We chat with Larissa Wohl a Pet rescue expert who works for the Hallmark Channel who discovered Merryweather’s case when she was traveling to rural Louisiana. Merryweather is a case which shows the best and the worst of humanity and people are working together across the country to help save this pup. Larissa is working with Ellen and Lindsay from Deity Animal rescue to get Merryweather safely transported to Los Angeles.



Training your dog with love - A Conversation with Tamar Geller of The Loved Dog

Tamar is Oprah's dog trainer, a celebrity dog trainer, a New York Times best selling author, the resident pet expert on The Today Show, and she has been on every show talking about her positive approach to dog training. Oprah coined the term that Tamar is: "A Life Coach for Dogs and their People."

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Featuring Kayla Kemp of Winks & Whiskers @winksandwhiskers


Seeing with your heart - Conversation with Joanne George the Dog Mom to Sunny and Smiley –who are both rescued blind pups turned therapy dogs


Cool Treats for Dogs - Chatting with Matt & Meg Meyer of The Bear and the Rat


Rescuing in Style with Christine Nendick of Rescue in Style and Rescue Chicago

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THE PUPPY BOWL’S IMPACT ON ADOPTION Featuring Dan Schachner  - The Puppy Bowl Ref & Rescue Advocate

Dogs are Healers - Conversation with Judy Fridono Mom to @surfdogricochet & USMC Staff Sergeant Persons Griffith AKA Griff

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ConVersation with Daniel Ferguson writer/Director of Superpower Dogs

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Meet My Dog - Chatting about Buying your dog a wedding dress for the big day and how corgis are infiltrating pop culture - Conversations with @baileythehousehippo and @tworgis

 Tinkerbelle the Dog's story going from Rescue Dog to the Top Dog Model

Interview with the Celebrity Dog Trainer Sara Carson of The Super Collies

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