The Truth About Plastic Poop Bags And Their Environmental Dangers

On Earth Day, I encourage you to think about the impact you and your pet have on the environment.  Are you doing everything that you can for future generations? It is not easy and diligent customers have to pay more to ensure that they are looking out for the environment. As with any trendsetter, it costs more to be an educated and aware customer.

Plastic is a large issue for Climate Change, here are some stats that you need to sit with:

  • There are approximately 90 million dogs in the US

  • 70% of pet owners live in suburban and urban areas according to this Pet Ownership report here

  • If you take your dog out 3X a day you are contributing over 13,000 feet of plastic material in one year alone.

  • This means that for all of the dogs of the US living in urban and suburban contribute approximately 819 billion feet of plastic (if each bag is nearly one foot in length)


I've converted to the degradable plastic poop bags for one year.  I was extremely apprehensive because I think that there is a common notion that eco means the bag will not work as well.  I've tested the Beco Poop Bags with the degradable plastic with Pixie who is a 55 pound lab.  When she goes #2 she usually goes at least twice if not three times and she goes out three times in a day. I had the good fortune of meeting George the CEO & Founder of Beco Pets back in July of last year. Beco Pets is a company based out of the UK that specializes in eco poop bags, recycled plastic toys, new eco-conscious and traceable food!!

This is the brand I love, and would encourage everyone to try the bags, they feel plastic and work just as well! In that I've tested these for over a year, I'm confident to give them my stamp of approval.

Buy Beco Products here

Take the small steps that you can control to ensure that you are reducing you and your pup's carbon footprint. Little actions make a big difference!!  There are a lot of great companies creating eco and sustainable products.  Ensure that you are educated and do not just use marketing slogans to determine whether the product is good for the environment. I encourage you to be an educated customer and ask questions!