The Perfect & Stylish Dog Walking Bag: Travel Wags “The Walker”

How many times getting ready for a long walk with your pup do you find yourself creating a pile of all of the stuff that you need to remember for a couple of hours out?  So much to remember!  

Here is my list: keys, water, poop bags, credit card, treats, water bowl, cell phone, travel sunscreen and so much more.  

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could have one bag that would easily fit everything, look stylish and have everything that you and your fur baby need for a long walk, hike or a day out?

I discovered the Travel Wags “The Walker” bag because of their adorable Instagram giving me wanderlust to max all of my credit cards and go to New Zealand ASAP.  I connected with Sarah Hall, the owner and creator of Travel Wags, and was able to test The Walker bag.  I am blown away by its quality, style, functional use of a limited space and the ingenious features of this bag.  As a previous dog walker, I cannot clearly articulate how useful this bag would have been for everyday use at WOOF! Seattle.

I’ve tested the bag over the past couple of weeks and took it on a hike this past weekend to Palos Verdes Portuguese Bend and I continue to be impressed with the bag’s ability to get stylish fashion compliments and blow people away with its functionality from the fur baby parent perspective.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty and talk about the features/functionality of this bag:

-The Walker is a rectangle shape designed out of a durable and classic gray herringbone/chevron material featuring orange accents.

-Although this bag is designed to hold pet supplies, I’ve carried it a couple times around town to run errands with no dog

-Detachable Shoulder strap -This was useful when I was carrying a tote because I used The Walker Bag to put all of Pixie’s necessities for the day while I still carried my tote purse.  The Shoulder Strap is designed and works great to wear the bag as a messenger style bag leaving your hands free to hold leashes, a coffee, your phone, etc.

-The bag features an exterior pocket which is accessible through a zipper and is perfect for things such as treats and things that you may want to access without having to go in the main compartment.  I’ve also used the exterior pocket for my phone to make it more accessible and easy to get in and out of the bag while you are carrying it.

-Singlehandedly the GREATEST feature of the walker is the Exterior Poop Dispenser.  This is such a brilliant feature because there is an interior pocket that houses the poop bags to make it easier to access a poop bag when there is business to tend to.

What the Bag Comes With:

-1 Roll of Gray Biodegradable Poop Bags

-Collapsable Water/Food Bowl in a Gray color  (Very high quality rubber for this bowl, one of the nicer ones I’ve seen on the market)

-Ergonomic/Flat Designed Plastic Water Bottle designed to store approx. 16 ounces of water for you and your pet’s enjoyment

The Travel Wags Story:

Sarah Hall was a longtime television journalist in New Zealand working on programs such as the NZ version of 60 Minutes .  As a loving dog owner, she kept seeking out basic products like an everyday dog walking bag and a travel bag designed for people traveling with their fur babies.  The idea was born that she would create the ultimate bag for dog owners and she developed this bag over the course of 2 years.

Sarah lives in Auckland, New Zealand with this brood of adorable fur babies each acting as Department heads in her business.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 10.13.47 PM.png

I really love Travel Wag’s The Walker Bag! I’ve been proudly carrying it since I got it in the mail and I’ve been impressed with how many compliments I’ve gotten on what a stylish, yet functional bag it is.  Anytime someone compliments, I show the features of the bag with the collapsible water/food bowl, flat water bottle, poop bag designed and people are very impressed.

The Travel Wags Walker is $91 and can be purchased at:

Loved using the bag for our hike! And oh what a view!

Loved using the bag for our hike! And oh what a view!