Tito's - Vodka for Dog People - Salty Dog Recipe

What else goes with sunshine beside your pup? COCKTAILS. If you're looking for good vodka label that also supports dog welfare, look no further than Tito’s. Tito’s has created Vodka for Dog People, which is their organization that supports dog rescue, animal welfare organizations, and veterinary clinics across America.  Looking out for dogs, in particular, has been at the core of Tito’s mission over the past 20 years. Bertito "Tito" Beveridge II first started distilling his now famous vodka in a shack in Austin, Texas.

Tito always brought his dog with him to the shack to work all day, where he would put food out and noticed that up to 20 strays were being attracted by the food.  Tito was struggling to get his business off the ground but he didn't let that stop him from caring for homeless dogs.  He then worked to get as many dogs re-homed as possible.  Over the past 20 years, Tito’s Vodka has re-homed over 60 dogs out of their corporate headquarters.  Tito's went a set further and set up Vodka for Dog People which has donated hundreds of thousands to animal welfare organizations.  Tito’s continues to be a dog-friendly company that is committed to solving for animals in needs, including resources to spay and neuter.

I’m encouraging their incredible work by drinking a Pup Inspired Cocktail, Woof Republic's Tito’s Salty Dog

1 oz Tito's Vodka

4 oz Grapefruit Juice

Garnish with either Grapefruit Wedge or Rosemary