Tinkerbelle the Dog's story going from Rescue Dog to the Top Dog Model

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To think that one of the most famous dog models in the world has a story that very few know as it started with less glamour than you would expect. The glamorous life of this incredible pup started off much like that of Cinderella. Tinkerbelle was a 9 month old owner surrender which found her in a cage at a Long Island Animal Shelter. Sam Carrell turns out to be both Tinkerbelle’s mom but also her Fairy Godmother. Together this dynamic duo has let the universe take them on this incredible adventure. Now she is a world traveler with more stamps in her passport than I have and she has met every celebrity that you wish that you could meet.

Someday when I grow up, I’ll be as cool as Tinkerbelle! Check her out on Instagram.

Listen to Tinkerbelle’s incredible story on The Woof Life Show podcast:

At the shelter in Long Island, Tinkerbelle was withdrawn and not engaging with people, she had been there for a few weeks. That was until Sam Carrell entered the picture. Sam had never had an animal due to allergies and went to visit a friend in Long Island. Her friend who ran the shelter had mentioned this tiny dog wasn’t engaging with anyone and Sam decided to do a good thing and just meet this dog. When Sam came to the cage, Tinkerbelle immediately lit up and jumped out of the cage. Tinkerbelle picked Sam and Sam went with it and let the universe take them on this adventure.

This is one of the first photos that Sam took of Tinkerbelle a couple of weeks after her adoption. Tinkerbelle right after she was adopted at about 9.5 months, Tinkerbelle was not very socialized so Sam Carrell made a conscious effort to walk her around the city and she noticed immediately that people wanted to meet her and always stopped to say hi to Tink.

A couple of months later on one of those walks, Sam and Tink were approached by a lady asking a lot of questions. The lady explained that she was an animal agent and wanted to represent Tinkerbelle.


Within a couple of months Tinkerbelle booked her first work which was a campaign for Ralph Lauren. David Lauren (Ralph Lauren’s son) took to Tinkerbelle immediately and put her in the entire campaign. This was the catalyst and from there Tinkerbelle has continued to book work for years. Since that time Tinkerbelle has worked with so many brands and is one of the most in-demand dog models. Her campaigns have also included celebrity appearances such as Bethenny Frankel and Kevin Jonas and so many more.

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Tinkerbelle has had the opportunity to meet some of the most famous celebrities in the world, when asked, Sam Carrell shared her story where she couldn’t believe that this is her life. "Taylor Swift grabbed Tinkerbelle during her concert on the Reputation Tour and walked around with her with all of the cameras on her.” Here are some photos of Tinkerbelle with some very famous people. My favorite is Dave Chapelle!!

You can follow Tink’s international travels and we are so excited for her that her blog has been nominated for more awards than we can count! https://www.tinkerbellethedog.com/travelingtink

The sky is the limit for this 5 pound of fierce fluff and we cannot wait to see what is store for this incredible pup! Tinkerbelle embodies the mission of Adopt Don’t Shop and we are so grateful that Sam Carrell took a shot on this tiny pup and it is incredible to think of everything that came of that small chance. Consider adoption, you could adopt the next dog model and be paid to travel the world with your pup. The possibilities are literally endless.

Article written by: Lauren Farricker

Lauren runs Woof Republic and The Woof Life Show a podcast. Lauren is also a dog mom to Pixie a border collie / lab mix. They enjoy long walks at Huntington Dog Beach, hitting up the dog park for fetch and traveling around the West Coast. Their favorite place to adventure is Whistler British Columbia. Woof Republic is an online and social hub for modern dog owners. The site covers products, things to do with your pup, dog events, pet care, city guides, travel, pet rescue, and entertainment including funny and inspirational stories about pups.