Ask A Pup: The Goldens Rule

The Goldens Rule is one of my favorite Instadog accounts that I follow! Jake & Addie are constantly making me laugh and all of those costumes and outfits are incredible!  Highly recommend following this dynamic duo.  I will be honest that this account went from good to EPIC during Halloween with the Ghostbusters photo (I was crying laughing for over 5 min)  If you have a soft spot for adorable pups in costumes, this is the account that you MUST follow!

Instagram : thegoldensrule

1. What is your name? : Jake & Addie  (Throughout this article Jake's Answers are reflected with J AND Addie's answers are reflected with A)

2. How old are you?  J: 3 AND A: 1.5

3. How many Instagram Followers do you both have? : 72,400

4.. When are your birthdays?  J: 1/31/14 AND A: 7/5/15

5. What are some of the nicknames your human has given you? : J: Jake & Bake, Jake from State Farm, Jakey  AND A: Baby girl, sister, boo boo

6. Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? :  J: I ate a sewing needle once! Lets just say it didn't feel so good coming out! I laughed as my humans had to sort through my poo to make sure it passed! AND A: Well, this is embarrassing! I once went through the garbage and ate a feminine product. It was an expensive experience!

7. What human would you pick as your spirit animal? :   J: Tom Brady because he knows how to make a comeback  AND A: Reese Witherspoon because she is a style icon

8. How many times do you spin before you lay down? :  J: Depends on the day but usually only once AND A: I am more of a digger! I try to destroy my bed by digging for the perfect spot! I've destroyed 2 beds so far and working on my 3rd!

9. If you could have dinner with 3 celebrities who would they be? What would you eat? : J: Well my sister says I need to say her because she thinks she's a celebrity, but besides her my other choices would be: Air Bud, Jimmy Fallon, and Bono. We would eat at Pitch because pizza is life!  AND A: The cute Golden in the Subaru commercial (must find his name), Adele (that girl can howl! ),  Adam Levine (Bow wow!! Am I right ladies?! And he also has a Golden!)  I would eat anything Adam would care to feed me!

10. What are you afraid of? : J: Closed in spaces AND A: Not having the perfect Spring wardrobe

11. If you could eat any type of human food what would you buy? : J: Fortune cookies are my fave! I know it's weird, don't ask!  AND A: Ice cream! Any flavor will do just don't be stingy with the whipped cream! Oh, and don't forget the cherry on top!

12. What is your favorite holiday : J: Christmas! I love when the Christmas movies come on!   The Bumpus' dogs on A Christmas Story crack me up !!  AND A: My birthday! It's all about me for a whole day! What more could a girl want?

13. Choose a movie title for the story of your life J: Always Look on the Bright Side  AND A: Living My Life Like It's Golden

14. If you visit one city/country what would it be and why? : J:  Italy!  I can almost smell it from here! It's my dream to act out the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp with some cute little lady AND A: Paris! It's one stop shopping! It's my dream to walk the runway in fashion week! Who wouldn't love Doggy Fashion Week?

15. If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose? : J: X-ray vision (or any other kind for that matter) AND A: To eat everything and not gain any weight. I need to get in runway shape!

16. What is your favorite toy and what is its name? J: My Benebones AND A: Whatever toy Jake is playing with at the time

17. What is your favorite word? J: Walk!  AND  A: Eat! is my favorite 

18. What is your least favorite word? : J: Least favorite is Bath AND A: Time for nails ( I don't love mani/ pedi's)

19. What do you do all day when your parents are at work? J: Mostly nap but have been known to listen to Animal Planet AND A:  Snoop through the garbage and peruse mom's magazines. I dog ear (pun intended) my favorite pages and outfits!

20. How did you come to be at your home? (Whether you were adopted or were purchased from a  breeder how did you come to meet your humans?  Tell us the story) :  J: Mom and Dad’s first Golden, Molly had passed away a few months prior and they felt ready to bring another little sprout into the house with Wrigley AND A: Wrigley passed away suddenly on a walk with Mom and Dad . He was the sweetest boy and they were broken-hearted. Shortly after his passing my dad heard of a breeder with one Golden puppy available. They decided to come and see me and it was love at first sight!