Tesla's Dog Mode to keep Pups Safe during the summer

Tesla has rolled out "Dog Mode" as part of a software update, designed to keep dogs safe and cool inside the car. It also includes a feature that has a message on the Tesla home-screen that notifies people walking by that your dog is safe and the temperature within the car.

The technology offers dogs the ability to remain safe when you have to leave them in your car to ensure that they are comfortable and safe.

Some rescue groups have spoken out and cautioned to not rely too heavily on this technology as technology can fail. In the US 56 pets died inside hot cars in 2018, most of them dogs according to PETA.

"We thank Tesla for thinking about the dogs who lose their lives in cars every single summer, but we caution that the 'dog mode' function isn't foolproof and could provide a false sense of security, as engines and air conditioning can cut out. The notice in the window telling passers-by that everything is all right is also cause for concern, as it might dissuade someone from intervening if the technology does malfunction. The safest way for anyone to protect dogs when temperatures soar is simply to leave them at home — with plenty of water," she said.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) — the UK's leading animal charity — had similar concerns.

Tesla is an innovator and we hope that more auto manufacturers follow in suit. We appreciate that Tesla is looking after our pups especially in LA where the summer gets very hop. However our advice would be to find a best of both worlds situation, do not leave your dogs for an extended amount of time however short errands less than 5 minutes this is something that is a great solution so that you can be with your pups. Always keep in mind that technology does fail at times so always use a feature like this with caution.

Share your thoughts in comments below. If you owned a Tesla would you use the “Dog Mode” feature?