Dog Toy that has lasted 5 years: The Starmark Everlasting Treat Fireplug

For Pixie's birthday I wanted to replace one of her favorite toys. Pixie has what we lovingly call her fire hydrant which is a toy that we occasional treat into. Pixie has this toy mastered and knows how to crunch the toy in such a way she can drink it down almost like a martini (it is quite entertaining) it keeps her busy and she even plays with the toy sans treats. As a border collie Pixie has nervous energy and I know this gives her something to think about and focus on which helps her anxiety.

What has impressed me about this toy is the quality. Pixie's old fire hydrant lasted for 5+ years and you can see in the side by side photo below it is still completely intact. I wish more companies made dog toys with this quality but for the toy to be virtually indestructible it is very worth it to me. Check out Starmark's toys if you have heavy chewers and need a very dependable toy!!!  Higher price point upfront but literally a toy that will last years!

This toy is designed for mental stimulation and is a treat dispenser.

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Dog Toy that Lasts 5 years

before + after