Not all Dog Rescues are Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue! Supporting and helping Low-riders

In anticipation for the incredibly fun SoCal Corgi Beach Day I wanted to highlight an incredible rescue: Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.  Their mission is simple: They specialize in rescuing special needs corgis and corgi mixes from California's high kill shelters and those needing to be rehomed.

QBSDR lovingly refers to their rescues as low-riders! haha 

QBSDR puts a lot of emphasis on rehabilitating dogs medically and managing their behaviors through training.  This rehabilitation is so important while getting to know their needs and quirks in order to find them the right home. Another differentiator of QBSDR is the fact that their dogs are in foster homes.  I think that this really allows these rescues to be much more comfortable and show their personality coming through!  

At the helm of QBSDR is Susan Luong who is also proud fur baby mama to Wally, Eva, Angel Oliver, and QBSDR lifer, Corey.  She and her husband Mike first brought Wally into their lives in 2008, adopted Oliver in 2010, then adopted Eva in 2012. Before starting the Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue at the end of 2013, she was a volunteer at her local animal shelter, member of the Hollywood Dog Obedience Club, and an independent rescuer. 

The stories of the dogs that QBSDR has helped and re-homed are pretty incredible and are truly inspiring!  I admire that QBSDR really finds special needs dogs and helps give them the highest quality of life. They give some of these special pups which may have terminal conditions a BUCKET LIST!!!  Herding sheep, hiking, car rides, the beach, you name it!! Not all dog rescues are created equal and anyone that helps and supports Special Needs pups is a rescue that I want to help and promote.

Some of their pups include Rotti or I suppose I should say SUPER ROTTI  

Some background on Rotti: Rotti's been in overall great spirits, but he has been slowing down. It's been hard seeing the metastatic disease slowly take a toll on his endurance and stamina. He's still very excited to escort on errands but lays down to rest a little more frequently. At his last followup appointment, blood work and urinalysis showed elevated liver enzymes and proteins in his urine. Over the last two weeks, he's been having an occasional accident and dribbles urine, which was very concerning to Dr. Ohashi. He's being taken off the oral cyclophosphamide and comfortable with doggy cannabis capsules. The belly bands have solved the problem of the dribbles so that's no problem for us, we'll do what we need to do for these babies. The reality of the situation is the cancer is invading his liver, kidneys, and bladder at this point, all we can do is keep him comfortable and happy. He's still playful, excited for walks, loves feeling the wind during car rides, and has an unbelievable appetite. ROTTI HAS SINCE PASSED AWAY BUT WIlLL FOREVER LIVE IN THE HEARTS OF ALL OF US.

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Here are some other LOW Riders up for adoption with Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue