Custom Dog Pop Art From Pop Kirian

Meet Elizabeth Kirian who owns Kirian Studios, she is based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho.  Her story of becoming an artist and leading her to becoming a master of Dog Pop Art is an interesting one!  Elizabeth’s muse is her adorable 5 year old Pitbull/Mutt Mix Bitzy Peabody that she adopted when she was 5 weeks old. She saw her for the first time in a shoebox.

Elizabeth started off with a portrait photography business and in 2003 opened up a Photography Studio specializing in family and wedding portraits.  Each time that she took photos of a family she would ask that they bring their dog and began to have a lot of pet photography.  She then would play around with those images and created her own signature style of Dog Pop Art!  She has been taking photos of her own personal dogs and creating artwork since a very young age.

She dreams that her Bitsy Peabody will one day have an art gallery with every color of the rainbow all over the walls. So, I started photographing dogs and creating POP art with all the cute, fuzzy faces.

Elizabeth’s process to create custom pieces is taking your photos or she can take her own photos and captures the personality of the pups.  She then asks your favorite colors, any pieces that you are trying to match in your house, etc.  I sent her a collection of some of my favorite photos of Pixie and she was able to create a collection of fun pieces!  

All of the pieces are sent via FedEx mounted on Matte board.  There are options if you would like to get the art done on wrapped canvas, acrylic, etc.

You can buy in the prints in 5 sizes:

5x5-$40   8x8-$50  10x10-$60  12x12-$80  20x20-$120

Check out her website at: Pop Kirian

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