Pet Friendly - A Series promoting Adoption directed by Whitney Cummings

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refinery29 partnered with VCA to create an incredibly heartwarming pet series that promotes adoption! The series was directed by the incredibly funny, talented and uber dog lover Whitney Cummings. It shows pet owners in 3 different situations that have been adopted. The story explores the awkward, hilarious, and heartwarming stories of rescued pets, their owners, and one charming VCA veterinarian.

Whitney Cummings is a huge supporter of adoption and I love the care that she brought to this series. She is a huge supporter of bully breeds and promoting adoption. She recently had a pup who was rescued through Stand with my Pack who was nearly euthanized and was severely malnourished and they got her healthy and able to be around and trust humans again. Here is her pack and photos of Violet, I thank Whitney for using her platform to promote the message of Adoption.

Watch the episodes below:

Episode 1 of Pet Friendly

Episode 2 of Pet Friendly

Episode 3 of Pet Friendly