Peloton Pups - The Cheerleaders that help get the workout done!

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The workout at home craze is picking up and a lot of the craze has been driven by the adoption of Peloton. Peloton has created a community of people who are working hard and enjoying fitness on demand. For those unfamiliar, your pups end up being your biggest cheerleader while you are working it. These pups supporting their Peloton owners are called Pelopups.

You are working your booty and your pup is wondering why you are heaving and maybe yelling an expletive at the screen. What your pup does not understand is that you are trying to keep your cadence and resistance according to what Alex, Cody and Robyn are telling you to do.

Whether you own the Peloton bike or the Peloton Tread you know that your pup can not fully process what you are doing. As many bike owners know, including myself is that some Pelopups appear to have a death wish and want to rest very close to the petals. We love them, but this is an unexplainable behavior :)

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Here are PeloPups who are cheering on their owners: