Ask A Pup: Olive Oil The Cavalier

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Olive Oil is one of my favorite Instadogs that I follow! I cannot say no to that face and those Puppy Dog eyes and her passion for Pop Culture and Pizza!!! :)   She spends her days taking over Chicago in styleFollow Olive Oil on the following social media handles:

Instagram : oliveyoumore_cavalier

1. What is your name? : Olive Oil

2. How old are you? A lady never discloses her age, but people say I don’t look a day over 3

3. How many Instagram Followers do you have? : 11,500

4.. When is your birthday? February 14th, I’m a Valentine's day gal

5. What are some of the nicknames your human has given you? : Ollie and Lovie

6. Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? : Dirt, I had to try it but it’s not good at all! 

7. What human would you pick as your spirit animal? : Beyonce! 

8. How many times do you spin before you lay down? : 3, if I am super tired, 5, if I am hyper

9. If you could have dinner with 3 celebrities who would they be? What would you eat? : I would have dinner with Beyonce, Dave Grohl and Doug the Pug. We would go to Giordano's and eat pizza all day

10. What are you afraid of? : Thunder! I don’t get it, what is it and why is it so loud!? 

11. If you could eat any type of human food what would you buy? : Pizza of course. It smells so good! 

12. What is your favorite holiday : Valentine's day! It’s my birthday, so naturally I think that this should be declared Olive day, I’m starting a petition

13. Choose a movie title for the story of your life : Olive: The Greatest Story ever told

14. If you visit one city/country what would it be and why? : L.A. because I am a STAR

15. If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose? : The ability to make pizza appear at all times. I call it pizza sorcery. 

16. What is your favorite toy and what is its name? : I have a squirrel toy that I have had since I was a baby and it’s name is Squirrely. Best toy ever! 

17. What is your favorite word? Treat!  

18. What is your least favorite word? : Bath! :( 

19. What do you do all day when your parents are at work? : Sleep, eat, read up on celebrity blogs, have parties, order dog clothes/toys, prank call humans,  make a mess….you know the usual dog activities. 

20. How did you come to be at your home? (Whether you were adopted or were purchased from a  breeder how did you come to meet your humans?  Tell us the story) : I was first brought to a pet shop but the pet shop wasn’t taking care of me :( I was very very sick. The pet shop gave me up and then my parents adopted me. When my parents rescued me, I was so skinny and wouldn’t eat. My parents took good care of me and now I am as healthy as a horse and I eat EVERYTHING. 

I highly recommend following Olive Oil on the following social media handles:

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Instagram : oliveyoumore_cavalier