Meet The Tom's Of Dog Leashes - Neptune & Co.

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Stylish Dog Leashes and Collars that Give Back

I love when I find businesses that not only sell incredible products but are also doing good for those around them and their community.  Neptune & Co. is an adorable Instaworthy dog leash and collar company whose core mission is to help dogs find forever homes.

The company was started by Jasmine and Justin in San Francisco, CA, who are also both parents to an adorable French bulldog named Neptune. When they adopted Neptune, they learned more about some of the dog rescue groups based in the Bay Area. This fueled their passion to create a business that supports these incredible organizations and the dogs they help.


Jasmine and Justin decided that they wanted to create stylish and practical dog leashes which didn’t have cliche patterns but instead showcased trendy and more modern alternatives. 

They’ve recently launched with 4 exciting patterns that are both timeless and season-less. The quality of the leash is easily felt and BONUS points, the designs are so cute!!! In the market, I see a lot of leashes which can be either ultra feminine or pretty stereotypical and this is part of the reason I really love Neptune & Co.'s products.

The prices of the leashes are: $18.99 and the collars are: $12.99.  When you purchase any product money is donated to a Dog Rescue organization.  Each month Neptune & Co. features a different dog group and donates money to support these organizations with vet bills, supplies, and general costs.  Instead of simply donating a bunch of collars they actually work with rescues groups to determine what would be the most helpful.  

They've worked and donated to the following organizations so far: 

NorCal Bully Breed Rescue

A Purposeful Rescue

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

I personally commend Justin, Jasmine and Neptune for running a business where the key objective is to Give Back.  I wish there were more of you out there! I'm very excited to see new designs and to hear about all of the dogs you are helping with your mission of Buy One, Give One!

Check out Neptune & Co here and on Instagram @neptunenco