Help Merryweather Find a Forever Home

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Many times you scroll through Facebook and aren’t moved to tears by a photo and a story, but Merryweather needs your help. Please note that there are some aspects of her story that are quite disturbing but need to be included to truly illustrate her story and why we are sharing it.

Larissa Wohl the Pet rescue expert who works for the Hallmark Channel discovered Merryweather’s case when she was traveling to rural Louisiana. Merryweather on the surface appears to be a pup in a cage looking for a forever home like so many other pups. What you don’t see on the surface is that she was brutalized by a human who raped her and left her in a field. An animal control officer found her in a bad state but this dog like so many rescue dogs showed its resilience and came towards the officer who was offering help with a wagging tail.

Merryweather condition as a result of the brutality required 4 surgeries to mend all of the damage that was done to her. She is safe living in a cage but she is a brown pitbull in rural Louisiana. She is currently in a shelter in St. Landry Animal Rescue however there are not a lot of prospects for her to begin the next chapter of her life in a forever home no matter how hard the shelter works.


Deity Animal Rescue in Los Angeles wants to give this girl a new lease on life. They want to transport her from Los Angeles and get her healthy to get her matched with a loving home. As a 501 c3 non-profit that helps pups find forever homes. Ellen and Lindsay from Deity Animal Rescue share how people can help this incredible pup.

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