'Love to the Rescue' features a Rescue Dog previously on Death Row who has risen to Stardom

Photo taken from Hallmark Channel

Photo taken from Hallmark Channel

I love a good love story, who doesn’t. It’s part of the reason why we love The Hallmark Channel!

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The newest Hallmark movie Love to the Rescue is right up our alley. Hallmark has done an incredible job with this movie by truly exemplifying the power of rescue dogs with this movie. They used a rescue dog whose real name is Zip to be the four legged star of this movie.

Zip whose character in the movie name is Bruce is the catalyst that introduces two single parents. Love to the Rescue is a story about two single parents whose kids fall in love with one rescue pup and both plan to adopt it on the same day. At the rescue’s suggestion, they both decide to co-foster the pup and Bruce the pup splits his time between the two homes.

This movie centers around Bruce, the dog star of Love to the Rescue, but his name is Zip the Dog. Zip is a mixed breed rescue and he is one talented pup who really steals the show. In an interview, Michael Rady said to his costar Nikki DeLoach “Nikki, it doesn’t matter actually what we do in this movie. No one is going to care. They’re all going to be looking at this adorable dog!”

Zip was rescued by CARES Cedartown Animal Rescue Education & Sterilization. Reggie as he was known by CARES is blown away that the superstar of this film was “an unwanted dog sitting in a kill shelter before CARES took him in.”

That is just mind-boggling to consider that a previous stray, death row shelter dog is also now a bone-a-fid superstar. This is why it is so important to consider rescuing animals. Organizations such as CARES work tirelessly to ensure that these dogs can live an incredible life and recover and rehabilitate from their past lives so that they can go to a forever home and know love.

Here are some of Reggie’s photo to put him up for adoption:

CARE rescued Reggie from Polk Co Animal Control in August, 2018. Reggie came into the county shelter as an unwanted stray dog. Sitting on death row, CARES took him in, got him healthy, vetted and put him up for adoption. We had Reggie for several months and not one application was turned in for him.

The rescue got to know Reggie better and realized that Reggie learned faster than any dog we had ever worked with. He was super easy to train and he enjoyed it. We were thrilled when our good friend and professional dog handler, Tracey Sargent of Star K9, contacted us about Reggie. (https://www.stark9.com/trace-sargent) after seeing his biography on Petfinder. 

But they quickly noticed something about him...Reggie learned faster than any dog we had ever worked with. He was super easy to train and he enjoyed it. CARES’s friend and professional dog handler, Tracey Sargent of Star K9 https://www.stark9.com/trace-sargent) after seeing his biography on Petfinder. 

She had been looking for a very special dog to do production work with but who would also be her personal dog as well. She came to evaluate Reggie and she could easily see all his potential! She just knew with Reggie's good looks and eagerness to learn, he would be a standout!

Tracey officially adopted Reggie after working with him for a bit and now this boy is a superstar! Renamed Zip, this celepawty has been BUSY! Here's some of the production projects Zip has been in so far:

Discovery ID - TV Show - Nov 2018
Bose - Video/Photo Shoot - Jan 2019
Down From Dover - Dolly Pardon Movie - Jan 2019
Lost And Found - Hallmark Movie - Feb 2019
Arrons - Photoshoot - Feb 2019
Jewish Film Festival - Special Guest Appearance - Feb 2019

It is incredible to think of the story of Zip is truly a story of someone’s trash is the world’s treasure. After watching Love to the Rescue I fell in love with Zip. He was charismatic, charming and lovable. We also think that it is incredible that Hallmark channel is embodying the mission of Adopt Don’t Shop with this movie by hiring rescue dogs to be a superstar cast member.

Trailer for Love to the Rescue here