Bonded for Life - 2 Dogs Rescued from Iran found a Forever home for Valentine's Day

Many times you scroll through Facebook and aren’t moved to tears by a photo and a story, but Han and Solo need our help. Please note that there are some aspect of their story that are quite disturbing but need to be included to truly illustrate what these pups have been through.


Han and Solo were found on the side of the road in Tehran, Iran by our friend Yasmine who runs @adoptaniranian dog. They were just babies and were found next to their mother’s body. She had been stabbed to death, probably for sport. Solo (the black one) also suffered an eye injury in the attack, maybe also stabbed and he has some vision impairment in that side as a result.

Yasmine runs a private shelter in Tehran saving dogs from the street and sending them abroad to safety. Unfortunately the Iranian government is not fond of dogs and recently enacted even more restrictions preventing people from even walking their dogs in public.  Dogs are often abandoned and tortured in the street, including cutting their ears and tails off, set on fire, or beaten.

Dogs without Borders received the brothers at LAX at 4 months old and they have been a joy since day one. They are quite unique because they move as one dog, never fight, and are usually touching. They play well with each other and others. In the past they have been great with cats but can be boisterous and need a proper introduction. They are good with kids though not totally self aware when playing and may accidentally knock a smaller child over. They’re still babies themselves at only 8 months and are minor trouble makers. They love to chew and wrestle like many puppies do. 

Han is all ears and it is clear that that these pups have both personalities, brains and energy.

Anatolian Shepherds are traditional livestock guardian dogs and can run very fast, and are typically active dogs. The ones we received are mixes and usually make great family dogs who are bit smaller than their purebred ancestors.

Dogs without Borders have had trouble find a family for a few months who wants to commit to adopting 2 at once. They are each about 40lbs. They are active dogs and they can live in an apartment as long as they enough exercise.

*Update Han and Solo have found a forever home in Los Angeles TOGETHER!! They are happy and settling in with their new furever home! We are so happy for them and Dogs without Borders for making such an incredible placement.