A Guide To: Your Dog's Poop - in Partnership with Heed Foods

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You carry their “business” around in a plastic bag and pick it up it’s your duty as their hooman.  If you were asked, do you know what your dog’s poop says about their health what would you say? Did you know that your dog’s poop is one of the best ways to assess their health? It is something that you need to keep track of to ensure that everything is agreeing with your pup to validate that they are both happy and healthy.

Until the Up dog collar is invented, which would allow our dog to speak and tell us whether their tummy is bothering them, we have to use the tools that are available to us. As thoughtful dog owners who care about the health of our dog, we need to stay alert for signs of trouble or if something is not agreeing with them. One of the best ways to do this is to monitor not only what goes into your dog and be diligent about their nutrition, but you also need to monitor what comes out of them.

Here is a guide to memorize to determine how your dog’s health is looking:


If you are noticing after using this chart that your pup is continually having “business” that is not where it should be, it is time to evaluate what you are feeding your pup. Just like what you feed yourself, the quality of the ingredients makes a difference for all components of your health.  

All of Heed's blends have been developed with digestion as the #1 priority. Our blends are packed with pre and probiotics which when combined with our superfood ingredients kills bad bacteria and develops good bacteria. 

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