Winter is Coming - Game of Thrones products for your pup

Woof Republic is so excited about the Game of Thrones return!! We scoured Etsy for all the best GOT products for your pup. Game of Thrones is coming back on April 14th on HBO. Does your pup have all of the necessary items to plot their grab for the iron throne.

An iron throne for your spoiled pooch!! This is designed for smaller pooches link to Etsy Made for Pets store

Dragons that Queen Daenerys would approve of for your pup. For pups that have teeth like dragons, this is a very sturdy toy.

Get a custom portrait of your pup as John Snow.

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Dire wolf bandana here

Is your dog or cat a Queen, King, Lord or Lady? Prince, Princess or Ser? Well, of course they are! If they are a member of your royal household, odds are that they are way more than just a simple peasant with no title at all. Whatever your pet's title, don't they deserve to have their own personalized pet bowl that lets the world know how important they really are? This Game of Thrones-inspired ceramic food bowl is the perfect choice for all cat or dog-loving Game of Thrones fans! Choose from two sizes in three unique personalized styles: House of Stark Direwolf Sigil, House of Lannister Lion Sigil, or House of Targaryen Dragon Sigil.  Link to purchase this super cute bowl here

Quirky and fun pet portraits to depict a pet's personality. A unique way to depict your pet as a Game of Thrones character, a great gift for a Game of Thrones fan, a pet lover, or even a keepsake for a pet memorial...these heartwarming portraits are a joy to give and receive. From your pet's photo, I digitally paint and composite your pet as one of my themed Game of Thrones characters. GOT characters available: Jon Snow, Daenerys, and Tyrion Lannister characters. 

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House of Bark dog collars exclusively here

Adorable GOT Dog Bandana link to the Etsy shop here