Dogs! A Science Tail - Review of the current pawfect exhibit at the California Science Center

Photo by  Vitor Fontes  on  Unsplash

The newest exhibit at the California Science Center allows you to see the world from the perspective of a dog. We know that dogs have heightened senses of hearing and smell however how does that compare to your own 5 senses and have you experienced life from their point of view.

Dogs are incredible which was only celebrated throughout this exhibit - they are your best friend but how much do you know about their lives outside of their daily care? The California Science Center has compiled an incredible exhibit and to say that it is simply a celebration of the impact of dogs in our lives is a gross under-representation of the exhibit as a whole.

This exhibit simply in my opinion is a scientific and immersive love letter to dogs and their incredible relationship with humans.

The Dogs! A Science Tail exhibit combines history, science, technology and sensory experiences to allow you to discover the amazing dogs’ senses including how they see, hear, smell, act, and move.

Woof Republic got a chance to interview Jeffrey Rudolph the CEO & President of the California Science Center about this exhibit. Jeffrey described the exhibit by saying: “The exhibit is about the human and dog bond really at its core and this incredible interspecies partnership.” Watch more of the interview here….

This exhibit has sections for all, you can see like a dog, learn about the evolution of dogs, interact with virtual dogs to view how dogs interpret and engage with humans, you can smell like a dog, run like a dog, and witness the depiction of dogs throughout pop culture.

While I was there, I also witnessed a demonstration by jumping dogs who are agility masters and take flight as they catch and retrieve. Coupled with this exhibit, came the premiere of the new IMAX film SuperPower Dogs. Check to see if it is playing in a theater near you. My review of that film is here. Seeing dogs on an IMAX screen is an incredible experience and this coupled with Dogs! A Science Tail exhibit felt like a perfect love letter to canines.

Thanks to the California Science Center for hosting me and allowing me to see this incredible exhibit and attend the premier of SuperPower Dogs! This exhibit is perfect for all ages. Here are some fun photos of the exhibit without giving too much away.