Cherie the Surf Dog- Going from a Rescue Pup to a Surfing Champion

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One of the most popular surfing champion pups is a rescue pup who was almost sold on Craigslist. The path of this adoption and living her best SoCal life has led this family to incredible experiences, having a professional athlete in their home and an incredible pup who loves her life that no one could have ever expected. They chatted with Woof Republic to share their story.

Cherie has an incredible story that at about 3 months old she was rescued through the French Bulldog Rescue Network from Texas. The family had gotten two frenchies at the same time and the previous family was trying to sell her on Craigslist. That is where the French Bulldog Rescue Network (FBRN) stepped in and spent hours convincing her previous family to put her up for adoption. She came into the care of She came to live in San Diego with a foster family and Dan and Amy were delighted to hear that they were in consideration to adopt Cherie. On the episode of The Woof Life Show I chat with Dan and Amy who own Cherie about the fact that many people believe that adopting a frenchie puppy is impossible. 

Photo of Cherie from her foster in San Diego Photo credit: @thefrenchie

Photo of Cherie from her foster in San Diego Photo credit: @thefrenchie


For Cherie, life adjusted she began to enjoy her SoCal life. As they acclimated and helped this puppy get more comfortable they brought her to Rosie’s Dog Beach where she took to the ocean like a duck takes to water. They then enrolled in a dog surfing lesson and Amy and Dan realized that Cherie really enjoyed being together in the ocean.


They trained for a couple of years and began to get more competitive and began to compete in surfing competitions. Many people think that the pups are just the athletes but most people do not know that their humans or handlers have to support and work with the pup to ensure that they are ready. Cherie is now a surfing champion and has competed in more than 16 competitive surfing competitions.


If you’ve always wanted to learn about how and why dogs surf, how to get a French bulldog puppy as a rescue or how to dress your pup in pup-tactic fashion, this is the interview for you!


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What a beautiful family!!

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Cherie with her bro ace Photo credit: @cheriethesurfdog

Cherie with her bro ace Photo credit: @cheriethesurfdog