Beverly Hills Opens VIP Dog Park

The city with the world's most famous zip code loves luxury, style, and sophistication.  VIP treatment is the expectation no matter which stores, restaurants or businesses you visit.  With this in mind, it came as a shocking revelation that Beverly Hills had not created a special hang-out spot for it's four-legged friends!  Enter the Beverly Hills Community Dog Park...

Credits: Love Beverly Hills Blog

Credits: Love Beverly Hills Blog

This dog park is unlike your typical public dog park (go figure) because it is open exclusively to Beverly Hills residents, Beverly Hills government employees, and Beverly Hills hotel guests.  Guests of Beverly Hills residents may also use the park with a special pass obtained online.  

If you are a Beverly Hills resident, here's how to get this exclusive VIP access:

1) Make sure your dog's vaccines are up to date
2) Register for a dog license with the City of Los Angeles (if you haven't already)
3) Visit Beverly Hills Dog Park website to submit for a Park Permit with proof of dog license

Once everything is processed, your pooch will receive a cute little blue dog tag for their collar.  This is essentially your dog's wrist band.  It has to be worn at all times because there is a full-time bouncer (park ranger) to check for tags.  We hear they strictly enforce this rule and turn dogs away if tags are not worn.  Don't be surprised if the bouncer turns you away when no dogs are present.

The dog park itself is well constructed and kept very clean.  There is a section for small dogs and a section for big dogs.  There is plenty of park seating and several drinking fountains for dogs and people alike.  The surface is a dirt-sand mixture which can create some dust.  They supply poop bags for visitors, and people are pretty diligent to pick up after their pups.  

There is a solid supply of tennis balls that stay in the park, so you don't need to bring your own toys if you don't feel like it.

Credits: Love Beverly Hills Blog

Credits: Love Beverly Hills Blog

This velvet rope approach has been met with mixed reviews so far based on a resident survey.  Some residents feel the full-time ranger is overkill, while others appreciate the exclusivity this provides.  

The Beverly Hills Community Dog Park is open daily 8am-8pm.

What do you think of this concept?  Tell us in the comments!