The Collaboration that is everything - Bark's Collab with Glossier

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As a huge BarkBox fan and a fan of the BarkShop, I could have not been more excited about this collaboration between BARK and Glossier. The thing I love most about everything that BARK does is the personality with which they design their products!

For fashionable pups and their owners this collaboration is the only thing you need!! It may not be the logical of collaborations because beauty and puppies don’t typically go together but we love how unexpected this is. This is why we love it soo much and the execution on the dog toys is fantastic!

The products of this collaboration sold out super quickly but you can put your email to get contacted when items come back into stock!!

REAL PRODUCT VS. THE DOG TOY - This is impressive to see how close they got the dog toys to look like the real product.

BARK x Glossier Balm Dogcom& Glossier Balm Dotcom

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