BarkBox Subscription Review - Is it worth the investment? My pup’s opinion

I love the personality and humor that BarkBox brings to dog toys. I’ve also bought from the BarkShop frequently for both humans and pups. The dog park style game is strong with BarkShop

I appreciate that BarkBox seems to have listened to their customers over the past couple years which I appreciate especially with a service like this. They have improved greatly over the years since I first signed up for the service in 2016.

My 2016 BarkBox Review:

If your dog is not rough on toys, this might be a really good service.  My preference would be to buy Pixie one higher quality toy that she will enjoy for a longer amount of time as opposed to this service with a couple of lower quality toys that Pixie destroys in 2 days.

Pixie also has a very sensitive system and I am very careful about which treats I give her.  I wish that you could select your dog's dietary restrictions.  I will not let her eat the treats and will be donating them to a dog rescue!

2019 BarkBox Review:

With the additional customer service and the ability to customize your BarkBox I have a much higher opinion of the BarkBox subscription service. BarkBox has a helpful team that you can chat with about your service. I tried the SuperChewer and I felt that the toys were too tough for Pixie and instead we have stayed with the classic BarkBox subscription but we’ve added the Premium Dog Toy in our monthly box.

I use the monthly box subscription and I get excited monthly to see the monthly theme!! The personality and the ability to customize the product makes this a win-win in my book.

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 7.35.28 PM.png

Structures for BarkBox Subscription:

Box Size is based off of your Dog’s Size

  • 0-20 pounds-Small & Cute

  • 20-50 pounds-Just Right

  • 50+-Big & Bold

Pricing - Same regardless of your dog size

  • $22 - 12 Month Subscription BarkBox

    $25 - 6 Month Subscription BarkBox

    $29 - Monthly Subscription BarkBox

  • Upgrade for $9 to add a Premium Toy

Here are examples of some themes recently. Photos taken from BarkBox site, the theme game is truly on point: