Accidents Happen - What to do if your pup has an accident inside the house


Despite how much we love our fur babies, we are not in love with their stains from an accident, right? Follow these tips and tricks to remove stains from your carpet to keep everyone happy.

If you come home to an accident, you need to take action immediately.  Most accidents occur when you are not at home and the stain will likely sit for hours before you can take care of it. As soon as you discover it, it’s important to clean it right away. If you wait too long, bacteria can start to grow in the affected area, which can lead to icky odors.

Here’s a couple of ways to remove pet urine from your carpet:

  1. Soak up the urine stain using paper towels or a cotton cloth. Press firmly into the stain using an old shoe or something disposable. This will help absorb as much urine as possible from the carpet.

  2. Then spray a product such as: Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer

  3. You can then do a create a mixture of white vinegar and water, mix a solution in a bowl (50% vinegar, 50% water). You’ll want to mix enough of the solution so that it can reach deep down into the carpet’s fibers.

  4. Pour the solution onto the urine stain. Using a scrubbing brush, work all of it deeply into the carpet, scrubbing vigorously. The vinegar should help to neutralize the ammonia in the urine.

  5. Blot the urine stain using a paper towel, pressing firmly into it.

  6. When that section of the carpet is dry, take one to two handfuls of baking soda (depending on the size of the urine stain) and sprinkle it onto the stain.

  7. Mix one-half cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and apply to the stain. You can use the scrubbing brush again to thoroughly clean the carpet.

  8. Towel dry and then completely vacuum the area.

  9. I tend to treat the stain a couple of times to ensure that all bacteria has been removed.

Do you have any homemade concoction or products you love to remove stains??  Please Share!!