Pups That Inspire : Puka Is My Homie

When I first made the decision to start my blog, I found a photo of the following Pitbull named Puka. There was something about Puka's smile that warmed my heart.  Dogs have a resilience that I admire which is why I wanted to create a series called "Pups That Inspire" because when the world is chaotic, we all need a reason to smile.

I highly recommend following: @chilberg on Social Media.  Puka's Instagram is one of the most entertaining Instadogs I know of.  Another thing I love and admire about Puka is how much she gives back.  She donates to rescue groups including NKLA and rescue groups that help pups that have cleft palates. Did you know that a lot of puppies born with cleft lips and palates require surgery to survive?

@chilberg on Instagram with #Pukaismyhomie

@chilberg on Instagram with #Pukaismyhomie

How Puka came to be in Christina's home is a pretty special story. Christina's friend Roxy was driving through Los Angeles on an abnormally hot day.  Roxy spotted a small puppy that couldn't have been more than 14 weeks old wearing a bow tie, she was immediately struck by the fact that something seemed to be wrong with the puppy's face. Puka was sitting on a bus stop bench next to a passed out homeless man.  

Roxy immediately acted thinking that the puppy might need surgery to survive; she then bartered with the man for $100 in exchange for this puppy.  Roxy's care for this puppy is incredible, to be so quick and caring to ensure that this puppy would live. Roxy drove Puka immediately to the vet to learn that the cleft lip was cosmetic only and no surgery was required.  Roxy had two rescue dogs at home and called Christina to find out if she would be able to take Puka in. 

Christina raced over to Roxy's house to meet the little nugget who was asleep on her back steps. Christina watched Puka who was asleep and watched her as her tummy moved while asleep and she fell in love. "Puka and I have been inseparable ever since," said Christina.  They have developed the ultimate friendship and such a special bond! Christina credits their special bond with her ability to get Puka to sit still as she is dressed up and put on props to take such incredible photos.  

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Puka's best friend beside Christina is her sulcata tortoise, Rocket Larry.  They are quite the dynamic duo. Puka loves following him around the house and sharing his veggie snacks. Christina captures their incredible moments and shares them on social media.  Christina, we thank you for your service :)