CB2 Releases A Stylish, Modern And Understated Pet Collection

Don't know if I'm the only one, but I have a huge obsession with CB2!  My husband continues to say to me "No you cannot buy everything." I was so excited to see CB2's Pet Collection in stores and on their website. The designs at CB2 are pieces I'd use in my home and found myself purchasing a couple of pieces from the collection.   

Many times designs for pet collections can be kitchy that looks in contrast to the rest of your home decor.  CB2's collection fits into the modern pet owners lifestyle and would look at home in your home or apartment. You want your dog's presence in your home to represent the decor of your home as opposed to being a stark juxtaposition 

The collection features a black, white and gray motif and their pet collection includes dog beds and toys. Prices of the Dog Beds are $169 for medium and $229 for large.  The bed was designed by Jax & Bones.  Toys sell for between $7.95 and $17.95.

Check out the photos and check out the collection at CB2.